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NW Sports Rehab Telehealth Services

For better or worse, our lives have gone digital. What about your healthcare team?

Now offering: Telehealth services so that you can access the care you need, in the comfort of your own home.

About Telehealth at NW Sports Rehab

  • Definition of Telehealth:
    Telehealth is the use of digital technologies to deliver medical care, health education, and public health service.

What we can do for you though Telehealth services:

  • Virtual Consultations
  • Virtual New Patient Appointments
  • Virtual Follow Up Appointments
  • Virtual Self-Care Sessions
  • Virtual Wellness Consultations

Means by which Telehealth occurs:

Telehealth services are currently delivered in three major ways:

  • Primarily, we utilize video conferencing with patients for the services listed above. Other Telehealth uses:
  • Video conferencing, which is used for real-time patient-provider consultations, provider-to-provider discussions.
  • Remote patient monitoring, in which electronic devices transmit patient health information to health care providers.

How Telehealth benefits you:

  • Receive care from the comfort of your own home.
  • Regain time spent traveling to appointments.
  • Eliminate your risk of exposure and spread of communicable diseases (i.e. common cold, seasonal flu, COVID-19).
  • Learn the skills you need to resolve your condition on your own when possible, with guidance from our experts.
  • Engage in eco-friendly healthcare behavior by reducing your travel.
  • Stay committed and consistent with your treatment plan.


Q. What if I’m a new patient to the clinic?

  • A. In the State of Washington, your first appointment can be performed virtually.

Q. What do patients say about their results?

  • A. Patients are often pleasantly surprised by their experience.
  • A. Telehealth visits are active, engaging, and empowering.
  • A. Telehealth gets the body moving in the right direction.

Q. What do I need for a Telehealth visit?

  • A. A robust and reliable internet connection.
  • A. An up to date smart phone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone.
  • A. An open space. (8’ x 10’ is preferred for ease of movement).
  • A. No equipment is necessary, we will work with what you have.

Q. How does Telehealth work with my insurance?

  • A. Most insurance companies cover Telehealth the exact same way that they would cover an in person visit. Please contact your insurance coverage if you are unsure about coverage for Telehealth services.

Q. What if I don’t have insurance, or I am out-of-network?

  • A. We offer very reasonable “Time of Service” rates for those who aren’t covered by insurance or chose to not use their insurance. Please call us if you have any specific questions.

Q. Do I have a co-pay?

  • A. While there may be differences unique to each insurance plan, as a guideline, if you have a copay for in-person visits, you will have a co-pay for Telehealth visits.

Q. What if I have a lower activity and ability level, is Telehealth right for me?

  • A. Telehealth visits are for anyone who takes an interest in improving their health. Our providers are experienced with a variety of ability levels and customize treatment to suit your needs.

Q. Can I expect the same results as an in person visit?

  • A. Virtual visits provide the same level of care that you would expect at an in-person visit.
  • A. Our virtual interventional methods are identical to our in-clinic methods.

Q. I think I need imaging (X-Ray, MRI, CT) can Telehealth still help me?

  • A. As healthcare professionals who are trained at Physician level, our Doctors can evaluate you virtually, and order any necessary tests based on medical necessity.

Q. Is Telehealth private and secure?

  • A. Most video conference applications (Zoom, Facetime, Skype) have a form of end-to-end encryption.
  • A. We are currently implementing HIPAA compliant software for enhanced security measures.
  • A. In your home environment, there may be members of your household who can overhear details of your visit.
  • A. It is recommended that your appointment be in a private area with few distractions.

Q. What if I am located outside the State of Washington?

  • A. Our state mandates that the patient be physically located in the State of Washington at the time of the virtual visit.


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