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Chiropractic is a science dedicated to the human body. Chiropractors study the relationship between body structures (mainly your spine) and bodily functions (primarily your nervous system). When balanced, these vital systems interact to preserve or even restore your health.

Chiropractic doctors don’t prescribe drugs or perform surgery. Instead, chiropractors respect the inherent power of your body to heal itself. A chiropractor will help guide your body to health through the adjustment of your spine and other joints. Chiropractic hands-on manipulations help:

  • Treat mechanical restrictions (dysfunctional joints)
  • Increase your range of motion
  • Eliminate excessive strain on your muscles
  • Block pain impulses and increase your comfort level

Usually, several chiropractic treatments are needed to achieve long-lasting results and long-term pain relief. Yet chiropractors are like most healthcare providers — the best ones have a large toolbox of techniques they can apply in response to health issues. Most chronic joint problems require more than just manipulation to correct since the soft tissue structures surrounding that joint usually have some component of weakness and tightness associated with it.

NW Sports Rehab chiropractors use this comprehensive approach to help you get better, stay better, and perform better. Our chiropractors have a thorough understanding of biomechanics, joint function, soft tissue (muscle) flexibility and strength, movement patterns, and rehabilitative exercises.

In a typical injury treatment, NW Sports Rehab chiropractors might:

  • Address your soft tissue (muscles) through manual therapies
  • Adjust any joints that currently have a limited range of motion or misalignment
  • Help you develop strength, flexibility, endurance, and a thorough rehabilitative exercise and stretching program
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